12 Ways to Use Twitter for Social Media Marketing

By Ron Knight (c) 2009 Sitepro.news

Twitter is a wildly popular microblogging service. It involves writing
Tweets, which are short updates of a maximum of 140 characters that
tell your followers what you are up to. Although your Tweets are
technically supposed to answer the question, "What are you doing?"
Twitter has moved far beyond that. Tweets are used to share stories,
link to photos, promote content, break news, and a whole lot more.
Twitter has also become an incredibly important tool for social media
marketing professionals. Here are 12 ways in which Twitter can be used
in your social media marketing campaign.

1. Sharing Links to Items of Interest

As soon as you read something online that you think is interesting, it
is easy to share it on Twitter with all of your followers. Twitter is
highly effective in this manner because it is such a quick way to be
able to reach a large group of people. You can also get a lot of great
ideas for blog posts from Twitter since many new ideas and stories are
floating around that haven't even made it to the blogosphere and
definitely not to mainstream media.

2. Building Your Network

Using Twitter is a great way to build your network because it allows
you to find and follow people with similar interests. You can use
Steeple to find people who live in your geographical area. You can
also use other tools that help you find new people to follow based
upon who your Twitter friends follow.

3. Build Relationships within Your Current Network

People in different networks often use Twitter to connect with their
contacts instantly rather than using instant messaging for that
purpose. Furthermore, many people use Twitter to connect with their
network during events like conferences.

4. Re-Distributing Content from Your Blog or Website

Twitter can be used to redistribute content from your blog or website.
However, you should take care to do this thoughtfully since many of
your Twitter followers may already read your blog. For that reason,
you may want to avoid using a blog plug-in that automatically Tweets
your posts. Your best bet is to Tweet your content manually and
customize each Tweet so it doesn't get old.

5. Get Involved in Live Tweeting Events

Twitter launched at SXSW last year, catapulting microblogging
conferences to fame. Live Tweeting events are great because they are a
form of citizen journalism that allow you to connect with several new
people in your niche while making active and valuable contributions to
current discussions in your community.

6. Pitching Stories to Journalists on Twitter

You can send a direct message to a journalist who is following you on
Twitter to pitch a story idea.

7. Communicating with Your Team

You can use Twitter as a company intranet that connects all of your
employees. Twitter can be particularly useful in this regard if you
have a virtual business with employees in different geographical
locations. You can set your updates to private for security reasons.
Anytime you are working on group projects, you can stay in touch with
your team members using Twitter.

8. Brand Monitoring

Stay up to date with any mentions of your business on Twitter. If
there is anything negative, you will be able to counter it quickly.
You can also use Twitter as a way to receive feedback from your
customers and improve your business. Just ask your followers to give
their opinion on something. For example, if you designed a new
website, ask your followers what they think about it and get their
constructive criticisms so you can make your site design even better.

9. Acquire More Votes on Social Media Websites

If you have submitted a story to Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, or any
other social voting website, tweet a link to that submission to try to
score more votes from your followers. If your followers like what they
see, they are sure to vote for your content.

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10. Hiring People

Looking for a programmer, designer, or writer? Whatever type of
professional you seek, try finding them on Twitter. Simply send your
followers a tweet telling them you are looking for someone for a job.
They can either recommend someone to you or offer themselves for the
job. Using Twitter in this way is ideal for finding qualified
freelancers. It is much more convenient than putting out a classified

11. Build Your Personal Brand

When you use Twitter to talk about things as mundane as what you ate
for breakfast or how you are going to sleep early tonight, you make
your followers feel like you are casual and approachable. Even those
running a company that has a cold, corporate brand image could create
more appeal and build a unique personal brand using Twitter.

12. Streamline Electronic Communications

When you use Twitter, you're likely to find yourself using IM, email,
and other electronic communication methods less. Twitter not only
provides public chatting through Tweets, it also allows you to send
direct messages. Twitter will help you streamline your electronic
communications, allowing you to scale back online.

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