Official ShareCash Banner Contest!

The contest is going to be a graphics contest, the object of this contest is to create a banner for attracting affiliates. Something that can be placed on a signature for use in other forums.

Not Member ShareCash yet? REGISTER HERE! Just upload your file1 you’ll be paid $ 0.6 per file downloaded.
There will be first, second, and third place prizes.
1st = $50.00 + Two Month Premium Account
2nd = $30.00 + One Month Premium Account
3rd = $20.00 + One Week Premium Account
Although there will only be three paid winners, all entries have a chance to be on an official Sharecash affiliate banner page on the main site!
The contest will close on February 20th, and all submissions will be judged shortly after. This should give you all enough time to think about what you want to make, and give everyone enough time so that no one feels rushed.
When posting your submission, please post only the banner image(s) you are entering. Do not post any sort of text with your submission, just the image. If you would like to enter multiple banners, put them all in the same post separated by spaces. Post your submission using the tags. DO NOT POST AS AN ATTACHMENT!! That should help to keep things clean and make it easier for us to judge.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything about the contest, please go here: Banner Contest Discussion/Question Thread
Don’t be afraid to enter, all submissions are greatly appreciated! The more submissions we get, the better! Good luck to everyone!
Note: All non-entry posts will be removed. Please post only your entries!
Update #1: The prize amounts have been increased!

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