ShareCash Tips: The E-Book Method (by play_avi)

This is all about sharing Ebooks….This Method it contains of 3-4 Steps
1st Step-Getting Some Ebooks…
Many People Like to read Ebooks than some simply Books….So this will really work for you.
So For Downloading Some Ebooks Go to or
It is updated daily with 2-3Ebooks or sometimes more than that you can find some really popular ebooks here for free so dont worry…..Download Them All……
2nd Step-Uploading and suffixing as well as watermarking
To make your blog popular you must always use the suffix of your blog such as in the
download link as well as all your ebooks screenshots or front page must have a link written of your website or blog
3rd Step-Indexing Your Files in a blog…
So Prepare a blog u can use go and prepare one very easily with any problem..Its really very simple..
4th Step-The Last But not the least…Advertising Your Links….
To Advertise your blog links you can use many method…
Such as:
1 – Youtube-Create a promotional Video and say good things about your blog and make it popular.
2- Torrent-Just Upload some ebooks in the torrent sites and add a text document written as More Downloads or More Ebooks and write your blog address in the text document.
3 – Forums-You can use to advertise your blog in many traffic rich sites..
Register now
Register now and within 30 seconds you’ll be uploading files and making real cash in no time!
My Comment/Rating:
“I tried this method myself and I have to say its not good for those who want FAST results, because at the beginning you will only get a few downloads – but if you stick on it its an AWESOME method!


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  1. ajith berkata:

    nice tip tanks

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