Statements From ShareCash Team Regarding to Bad Downloads Issues

Lately some users have told us that they are getting a few more bad downloads than usual, so we wanted to explain why. Its not that you are losing any good downloads; instead, you are just getting more downloaders from smaller countries that we don’t have offers for, which is actually a GOOD thing! Let me explain. Before we tweaked our international support code a few days ago, when a user from a small country with no advertisements tried to download a file, most of the time they would get an error saying saying that their country was unsupported and wouldn’t be able to get the file. Since they didn’t actually download anything, they weren’t counted as a bad download. A few days ago we fixed our code to let these users from smaller countries with no advertisements download the file. Since they don’t do an offer from our advertisers, no revenue is generated, and it is counted as a bad download. These users were never counted as good downloads in the first place, since they are from smaller countries without any advertisements, so you are not actually losing revenue from them. The only difference is now they can actually download the files, which is why you see more bad downloads from these smaller countries. In fact, this increase is a GOOD thing. Instead of simply not letting these people get their download as we did previously, EVERYONE can now download, which leads to many less complaints for all of us and more happy users, something which no other site does! And, of course, it doesn’t hurt your earnings one bit. Also, our advertisers have told us that they are getting us a few new offers for smaller countries within the next week or two, so you should earn some more cash from them when they’re up! Thanks, The ShareCash Team

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