Other Tricks To Get Money From ShareCash

Try this three method to gain your money from ShareCash. These methods were cited from the site I mention in the bottom of this post. So I don’t take the responsibility anyway 🙂

1. New Torrent Method / EASY (by rnc505)

1) Create a blog on Blogspot or w/e and throw up a ton of sharecash links.
2) Get a.exe file you want to submit to a torrent website. DON’T INCLUDE the keygen/crack/serials.
3) Create a.bat that says “start http://www.YOURWAREZSITE.com/CRACKorSERIALpage.html” and bind it with iexpress and make it run first (follow the same directions from that of PPI binding). (So, create bind.bat with the code inside it “starthttp://www.yourwarez.com/serialpage.html” NO QUOTES!)
4) Circulate on torrentz

This method is EASY to do, and you can do it FAST – perfect for lazy people! The only ‘problem’ you might have is creating the.bat file – just look up on google how to create such a file!

Upload Your Files And Get $ 0.6 on ShareCash, Register Here!

2. The Whore Method (by johnbourscheid)

Yes, you read that right. The Whore Method. For those of you who are new(ish) to the forum, I’m John (FreeTheTV). I made close to $400 through ShareCash by clicking on my own downloads. I learned my lesson fast when the $400turned into $10 after I was caught. I’ve been away the past few weeks, and in that time I have created a new, refined method, The Whore Method. Fast cash.
Items needed:
A ShareCash Account
A Gmail Account
A Facebook Account
A MySpace Account
A Pornhub Account
An AdultFriendFinder Affiliate Account (Pay-Per-Free Sign up)
An IMLive Affiliate Account (Pay-Per-Free Sign up/Pay Per Member)
A gallery of an attractive young girl
Got them? Here we go:
Upload the pictures to your ShareCash. Preferably have over 50, and in different situations. Nobody is going to believe it’s real if there’s 50 of the same person in the same room in the same outfit, in the same situation. Keep them there for now, as well as on your computer.
Open your Gmail accout with some attractive name, such as sexykatiep@gmail.com or something. This will be out example. Her name will be, hmm, Katie Perkins. Completely made up, top of the head.
– Open a Facebook account. Put fake data everywhere, but make it all mesh together. Upload your non-nude pictures in the set to your Facebook photos and gather friends in any way possible.
– Open a MySpace account. Do the same, same data. Put a link to your Facebook on your MySpace and a link to your MySpace to your Facebook. Post a bulletin about your Facebook in your MySpace, and a note about your MySpace in your Facebook. Try to sound as real as possible, and don’t put up any naked pictures, your account and all your hard work will be wiped.
Open a Pornhub account. Put up your non-nudes in one album and your nudes in another (save three or four for private sending just in case). Let that be, but link your MySpace and Facebook. Set your profile to accept friends automatically. You’ll have hundreds of friends overnight, and that will spill over to the other two accounts.
Start an AdultFriendFinder Affiliate Account and an IMLive Affiliate Account, promoting free sign-ups and member sign-ups for the lucky few you reel in. Copy and paste your affiliate codes into a notepad document, and save them.
Go to shortURL.com and input your four affiliate URL’s, keeping the three URL’s from each that pop up (URL, preview, tracking). You should now have four masked URL’s.
Spam them all over all three social networking accounts, trying to be inconspicuous. Wait a bit, and when you have a nice friend base in all three, trade pics with people through ShareCash.
Upload a video to ShareCash or two of a close-up of a girl playing with herself. But don’t show a face. Make it look close to the body of your gallery girl. Trade those two, and bulletin/note them as well. They’ll jump all over it!
Keep a close eye on all three accounts, and your statistics in all three affiliate programs. Rinse and repeat to your heart’s content! Your welcome everyone,
Register now
Register now and within 30 seconds you’ll be uploading files and making real cash in no time!

This Method is actualy hard work, but hard work pays off!

Upload Your Files And Get $ 0.6 on ShareCash, Register Here!

3. How to use FTP Upload (by ploel)

Since everyone is complaining that upload doesn’t work for them i have made this little tutorial how to use FTP
Download FileZilla here – for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 or here – for Linux.
After installation run FileZilla:
2.1 Put your sharecash info there;
Then click ‘quickconnect’, if everything went ok you should see message at the end


Command: USER -your username on ShareCash-
Response: 331 User -your username on ShareCash- OK. Password required
Command: PASS *********

2.2 Select files you want to upload;
Double click on them, your upload should start

3. After succesfull upload go to your account on ShareCash
Go to upload page, you should see green button then click on it, if everything went good you should see message

Uploaded 1 Files From Your FTP Directory!

Then check the upload manager page, files should be here!
Thats all, i hope i helped everyone who didn’t know how to use FTP upload.

Upload Your Files And Get $ 0.6 on ShareCash, Register Here!

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    great post…,thanks for the share

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