Extraordinary Massager That You Must Have

As the advanced electric Massager, Thumper Massager has been the choice for massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists and professional athletes in treating muscle tension and aches. G5 and Thumper Massager are different from other ordinary electric massagers that only rub on the surface of your skin. It’s not vibrator!
It penetrates deep through your muscles with strong, deep, steady, automated pulse. And finally it will ease your aches & pains and improve your health!

This deep massage capability provides treatment and relief to sore and injured muscles.
G5 massagers offer several exclusive technological advantages.

G5 massage systems offer three unique therapeutic actions for maximum benefits:
Multiple-Direction Stroking,
Gyratory Action, and Percussion Action.

There are several products of Thumper Massager that have been created for various need with competitive price. Here are some of them:

1. The Thumper MINI PRO2: great for hard to reach areas like the middle of your back and shoulders.

2. The full size Thumper Maxi Pro: the PROFESSIONAL THUMPER and perfect for Doctor-Patient (2person) use. In about 5 minutes, the Thumper Maxi Pro can complete a full-body massage, covering your legs and hips, your back, your hands and arms, and your feet. It has great features:13 different massage settings, a remote control and 7 auto programs. And wait! Don’t you know, Thumper Maxi Pro is the only massager on permanent display in the Hockey Hall of Fame!

3. Micro G5 Massage/Percussion System: delivers the same action as our larger systems, but with a much lighter stroke. Ideal for Toddler/Geriatric RT, and massage on the face, neck and sensitive areas.

4. Respiratory
Massage/Percussion Modality: 10to 60 CPS with speed control dial.
Designed for Cellulite reduction, body contouring, exfoliation, skin toning, muscle relaxation and more.
– Massage/Percussion Modality: 15 to 55 CPS, variable speed control dial with CPS indicator, for use on stand, table top or wall mounted. Spa Faceplate.
Massage/Percussion Modality: 15to 55 CPS, variable speed control dial with CPS indicator, for use on stand, table top or wall mounted.

About price, warranty, and payment method, please KLICK HERE.

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